(called: My Number)

Beginning in October of 2015, the Government of Japan will be issuing "INdividual Numbers", nicknamed "My Number" to all residents of Japan (citizens and resident aliens). This will be a 12-digit number. Your local town or city hall will send your card to the address they have on file. The number will be used for administrative procedures related to social security, taxation, medical insurance, disaster response etc.

It will be very similar to our Social Security Number system. Just as in the states, using someone else’s My Number is illegal and carried strong punishments if caught and convicted.

The goals of this program are “improved administrative efficiency, enhanced public convenience and a fairer and more just society”.

You can get more information at their English language web site. Click here to go to the official English lanuguage website

This number, just like your American SSN, is meant to serve you for a lifetime.

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