Customer Service Hours: Monday through Friday, 0900-1500.

The Misawa Military Retiree Association (MMRA) meets on the first Tuesday of even-numbered months at 1700 hours in the Gray Room of the Tohoku Enlisted Club.



MSgt. Joseph J. Roginski
U.S.A.F., Retired



Deputy Director

CMSgt. David J. Barton
U.S.A.F., Retired



Newsletter / Webmaster

SMSgt Leon L. Martin
U.S.A.F., Retired




SCPO Paul Sayles
U.S.N., Retired


The Misawa Air Base Retiree Activities Office is now an official partner for the 50 th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration. This Commemoration is chartered within the Office of the Deputy Chief Management, Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense, Washington DC.

Mission Statement:

The Retiree Activities Office (RAO) serves as the interface between the active and retired communities. It is an official Air Force activity staffed by volunteers. All military retirees, regardless of service, surviving spouses of retired and active duty personnel and all military members about to retire are served by the RAO.

The office offers a wide range of services to include:

  1. Assistance to survivors on the Survivor Benefit Plan, Social Security benefits, preparation of tax returns, accomplishment of new identification cards, filing insurance claims, establishing direct deposit accounts, to name a few of the services available
  2. Web and email access is available and we can assist those who do not have internet capability.
  3. Working with senior leadership and higher headquarters to insure that retirees get as many of the benefits due to them as possible. There are some limitations overseas due to the SOFA. If you desire more information in this area please contact the office for specifics.
  4. Basically, we act as a clearing house for all military retirees (regardless of branch of service) who have retired in the Tohoku and Hokkaido areas. To date, we have identified over four hundred retirees and or their dependents/survivors in the area.

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